PERKAT™ heart pump

PERKAT™ is a self-expanding heart pump and can be implanted within minutes in case of an emergency and presents a new solution to help critically ill patients with acute right heart insufficiencies more rapidly.

  • Efficient treatment

    Nowadays the three indications right heart infarct, cardiogenic shock and acute decompensated right heart insufficiency are still associated with a high mortality rate. Our aim is to treat theses acute heart diseases with greater efficiency in the future.

  • Advanced treatment option

    To achieve this goal we carried the development of the IABP-technology further and increased the pumping capacity in combination with safe and easy handling in our new PERKAT™ device. Against the background of the high mortality rate associated with cardiogenic shock NovaPump offers with PERKAT™ a more effective IABP device especially for restrictions of the right heart.

  • Contact

    We are looking forward to getting in contact with you. Please note that our PERKAT® technologies are not yet available on the market.


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